Bigg Boss 16 Voting

Bigg Boss 16 Voting is available on this Bigg Boss Hindi Vote Online Voting Percentage website. Save your favorite Hindi bigg boss season 16 contestant from elimination by voting in the Bigg Boss Hindi Voting nomination poll. The Big Boss Hindi Season 16 Voting Results and Voting Survey is now online.

Here we have brought you all the details about Bigg Boss Vote online today and the results. Many viewers are eager to know how the voting Process takes Place and so we are presenting you each and every piece of information relating to voting.

Bigg Boss 16 Voting

Bigg Boss 16 Voting (Week 8)

MC Stan
MC Stan
Ankit Gupta
Archana Gautam
Soundarya Sharma
Sumbul Touqeer Khan

Bigg Boss 16 Hindi Voting Poll Status will be updated from time to time. Details of how many votes got to each contestant will be shown in the number of votes and percentage of votes clearly. Voting done through Hotstar, Online Voting, and Missed calls to the numbers given by Star Maa will only be counted.

Voting Poll

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Bigg Boss 16 Voting Poll Results

Bigg Boss 16 Voting Results Percentage (Week 8)

PositionContestantPercentageNo. of Votes
1MC Stan37.00%74
Last Updated: November 26, 2022 (12:52 AM)


Please note that this is just an opinion voting poll and these votes are not considered by the bigg boss Hindi creatives in any way. We conduct these weekly polls just to see the genuine results as all the votes are genuine on BBTV and only 1 vote is allowed for an IP address.

For all YouTube critics/analysts & Insta memers/unofficial pages, we support you guys, you can show our poll results on your handles without any credits.

Bigg Boss 16 Voting (HINDI)

The voting process will be the same for this year as it was for the previous ones. At this time number of voting may increase because the craze for Bigg Boss 16 Hindi is increasing Year by Year as the TRP ratings for Bigg Boss Hindi is rapidly growing in every season. We have covered Bigg Boss Hindi TRP Ratings so you will know. Keep Reading our Article to know everything about Bigg Boss Season 6 Hindi.

A lot of Predictions were done about Who will Host Bigg Boss 16 Hindi this time. Many expected that Daggubati Rana would be the Host. But at Last, it is Confirmed that Again Akkineni Nagarjuna is Hosting the Show.

Nagarjuna is Hosting the Bigg Boss 16 Hindi Show continuously for the third time since 2019. Recently Season 5 Promo Shooting was also completed by Nagarjuna in Annapurna Studious.

We are trying to answer most of the Questions regularly asked about Bigg Boss Hindi vote online. You’ll get every information about Host details, Contestant details, Voting Guide, Bigg Boss 6 Hindi Daily News, Episode Highlights, How to watch Bigg Boss Online, and many more. 

Bigg Boss Hindi Vote Process

Bigg Boss Hindi Voting is done Every week. Every week some Candidates will be nominated by Contestants. These Contestants will go for Public Voting. The contestant who got the least number of votes in that week’s Bigg boss voting, that candidate will be eliminated as part of the Process. Like this way Every week one Contestant will get eliminated.

How to Bigg Boss Hindi Vote Online?

Salman Khan will announce the candidate every week on the show. He will host and calls the candidates and ask them to share the sweet moments in Bigg Boss Hindi House. This Part of the show will be an emotional one for all the Bigg Boss 16 Hindi Contestants.

Bigg Boss Hindi Season 16, House has around 64 Cameras inside it. These Cameras will live stream whatever happens in the house. Except for some personal things, Everything will be seen by Bigg Boss Hindi Season 16 through Cameras. Almost No one can hide their mischievous things from Bigg boss Hindi surveillance.

Bigg Boss Shows is almost hit in every language it made. Hindi audiences are almost Addicted to this show. In Bigg Boss 2 Hindi season some fans have formed Kaushal Army in support of Bigg Boss contestant Kaushal. At last, He won the Season 2 Title and Prize Money. 

The Bigg Boss Hindi show will stream at 9.30 pm every weekday and 9 pm on weekends in Star Maa. It will also stream on the Voot app and Voot website

We Give all the details of the Voting process step by step. Through Three Platforms voting for Bigg Boss, 5 Hindi can be done. Keep following our site to get much more updates about season 5 contestants, shows, and many more.

Bigg Boss 16 Hindi Show Details

bigg boss 16 voting
bigg boss 16 voting

Bigg Boss 16 Hindi started on October 01, 2022. Bigg Boss Hindi Show Makers selected 21 contestants from different fields and professions most of them are Actors, Influencers, RJ, anchors, and commoners.

Show Name Bigg Boss 16 Hindi
HostSalman Khan
Contestants ListClick Here
Timing10 PM on Mon – Fri
9 PM Sat -Sun
Launch Day TRP12 TVR (Apprx)
Final Day TRPNA
No of Days100 Days
Streaming PartnersVoot
Watch onColors TV
GenreReality Show
Bigg Boss 6 Hindi Vote ResultsClick Here
Bigg Boss 6 Hindi WinnerTBA
Starting FromOctober 01, 2022
Finale DateDecember 2022
Winner Prize Money1 Crore INR

The contestants of Hindi Bigg Boss 16 Hindi include Sajid kha, Tina Datta, Shalin Bhanot, Manya Singh, Soundarya Sharma, Nimrit Kaur, Ankit Gupta, Priyanka Chaudhary, Sumbul Touqueer khan, Sreejita, Gautam, Gor nagorim Shiv, Abdu, Archana and MC Stan are among the bigg boss 16 Hindi contestants list a total of 16 contestants in this season 16.

Bigg Boss 6 Hindi Contestants List

1Sajid KhanFilm Director
2Tina DattaActress
3Shalin BhanotTelevision Actor
4Manya SinghMiss India
5Soundarya SharmaBollywood Actress
6Nimrit KaurActress
7Ankit GuptaModel
8Priyanka ChaudharyActress
9Sumbul Touqeer KhanActress
10Sreejita DeActress
11Gautam VigActor
12Gori NagoriRajasthani Dancer
13Shiv ThakareActor
14Abdu RozikTazakistan performer
15Archana GautamActress
16MC StanRapper & Singer

Voot Voting

How to Vote for Bigg Boss 16 Hindi On Voot?

Viewers need not worry about the Voot voting Process. Each and Every step for Bigg Boss 16 Hindi Voting will be Explained in detail. Voot is the Streaming App for Hindi Bigg Boss Hindi Show. Below we are giving you the Procedure point-to-point from downloading the Voot App to Voting for the Contestant.

  1. Download the Voot App from the Google Play Store or the app store
  2. Install Voot App
  3. Click on Signup and Create Account in Voot App
  4. Go into the Search bar and type, “Bigg Boss Hindi Vote“, “Bigg Boss 16 Vote“, “Bigg Boss 16 Hindi Voting“, “Bigg Boss 16 Voting” or “Bigg Boss 16 Hindi Vote“.
  5. Immediately an Official Banner of Bigg Boss five show will appear
  6. Click on the Official Banner
  7. “Voting for today is now Open” can be seen on your screen.
  8. Click on Vote Button
  9. Next Nominated Contestants with Photo and Name appears
  10. To vote for a Particular Contestant, Tap on the Photo
  11. If you tap one, it counts one vote, Likewise, you can tap 10 times which counts 10 votes maximum. More than you cant tap and votes will also not be counted.
  12. You can Split these 10 votes among different Participants or you can tap on a single participant 10 times.


Once registered, users can able to vote up to 10 votes/day. The bigg boss 6 Hindi vote (online) will be started by 10:30 pm every Monday and will be ended by Friday midnight 11:59 pm.

Every day you can give 10 votes per day and a maximum of 50 votes per week for the Bigg Boss Hindi 16 show. The same process can be done through missed calls also. You can vote 10 votes per day using different Gmail accounts, hot star accounts, and Phone numbers.

Below we are giving you other Online Processes of Bigg Boss 16 Hindi Voting. If anyone who doesn’t have Hot Star App or who can’t vote through the app can follow the following method of Online Voting.

Online Voting

Bigg Boss Hindi Vote Online Today

With the Help of Google also you can Participate in Bigg Boss 16 Hindi Voting. Here is the process of how you can give a vote for the Bigg Boss 5 Hindi show using Google Browser. For this, you do no need to have a Voot App. It is enough if you have the Internet with you.

  1. Open any browser on your mobile or computer
  2. Go to “” search engine and type “Bigg Boss 16 Voting” and search
  3. Now google automatically shows all the contestants who are nominated for that particular week
  4. Select and vote your favorite contestant to save him/ her from the weekend elimination
  5. Votes that are given before Friday 12 am will only be counted


This method of voting is stopped now by Bigg boss 16 Hindi officials, due to the increase of bots spam usage it’s hard to track organic votes.

If you are in urgent and didn’t possible for voting in through online way, You can vote through Missed Call method. People who don’t have Voot App or who don’t have access to the internet can use Missed Call Method. Below we are giving you the process of Missed call Voting.

Missed Call Voting

Bigg Boss Hindi Missed Call Voting Method

Mostly rural village people or the one who doesn’t have access to the internet can vote by this method. Missed call Method is the cheapest method of voting compared to the Voot method and the Online voting method. 


This method of voting is stopped now by the bigg boss hindi officials, due to exclusive disney+ Voot rights. Viewers can only vote their favorite contestants from Voot only for this season 16.

Bigg Boss 16 Hindi Missed Call Numbers

ContestantNumber Assigned
Sajid KhanNA
Tina DattaNA
Shalin BhanotNA
Manya SinghNA
Soundarya SharmaNA
Nimrit KaurNA
Ankit GuptaNA
Priyanka ChaudharyNA
Sumbul Touqeer KhanNA
Sreejita DeNA
Gautam VigNA
Gori NagoriNA
Shiv ThakareNA
Abdu RozikNA
Archana GautamNA

Between these weeks any one or two members may enter the Hindi Bigg Boss 16 Hindi show as a wild card entry. 

Bigg Boss 16 Hindi Elimination List

Week 1TBA
Week 2TBA
Week 3TBA
Week 4TBA
Week 5TBA
Week 6Gori Nagori
Week 7Gautam
Week 8TBA
Week 9TBA
Week 10TBA
Week 11TBA
Week 12TBA
Week 13TBA
Week 14TBA

Every week Bigg Boss 16 Hindi Host announces who got the highest votes and who got the lowest. To know how many numbers of votes or the Percentage of votes they vote for, Please keep visiting our website. Normally the Candidate with the least percentage of votes will get eliminated. 

We will update the site with the latest information. But it is to remember that only you can make the contestants win or lose in the Bigg Boss 16 Hindi show. If more of you Support a Particular Contestant then he’ll definitely win the show. 

Bigg Boss 6 Hindi Nominations Week by Week

Bigg Boss Hindi Season 16 will be for approximately 105 days. Contestants need to stay in-house for 105 days without going out. Not all will stay till the end of the day. Every week One candidate will be getting eliminated. Housemates themselves nominate from 2 to 5 persons for eliminations. Who got more elimination votes from the housemates will go for Public voting.  Based on that the Candidates get eliminated on Sunday by Bigg Boss Hindi 16th Season.

Bigg Boss Hindi Nominations Week By Week

Every week on Monday Bigg Boss Hindi calls the contestants privately and asks them to nominate two persons for elimination from the house. After Two Persons get nominated, Bigg Boss Hindi announces it and they both go for Public Voting.

Whoever forms both gets the least number of votes will get eliminated by the Bigg Boss 16 Hindi Season 1 on Sunday. This process will be done every week. 

Voting for Nominated Contestants Starts from Monday night at 10.30 pm to Friday before 12.00 am. Depending upon the number of votes result will be announced on Sunday by the Host.

Viewers and fans can take part in voting through three methods, the Hot Star app, Online voting, and Missed Call method. The given methods have been explained in detail on How to vote for Bigg boss 16 Hindi.

Bigg Boss 16 Hindi House Captains

WeekHouse Captain
Week 1Nimrit Ahluwalia
Week 2TBA
Week 3TBA
Week 4TBA
Week 5TBA
Week 6Abdu
Week 7Sajid
Week 8Shiv
Week 9TBA
Week 10TBA
Week 11TBA
Week 12TBA

Bigg Boss Hindi Winners in all Seasons

Since 2007, 16 Bigg Boss Hindi Seasons have been Completed Successfully. Here we are giving you the details of the winners and Runners list from all the previous Bigg Boss Hindi Seasons. 

Season 1 (2007)Rahul RoyCarol Gracias
Season 2 (2008)Ashutosh KaushikRaja Chaudhary
Season 3 (2009)Vindu Dara SinghPravesh Rana
Season 4 (2011)Shweta TiwariThe Great Khali
Season 5 (2012)Juhi ParmarMahek Chahal
Season 6 (2013)Urvashi DholakiaImam Siddique
Season 7 (2013)Gauhar KhanTanishaa Mukerji
Season 8 (2015)Gautam GulatiKarishma Tanna
Season 9 (2016)Prince NarulaRishabh Sinha
Season 10 (2017)Manveer GurjarBani Judge
Season 11 (2017)Shilpa ShindeHina Khan
Season 12 (2018)Dipika KakarSreesanth
Season 13 (2020)Legend Sidharth ShuklaAsim Riaz
Season 14 (2021)Rubina DilaikRahul Vaidya
Season 15 (2022)Tejaswi PrakashPratik Sehajpal
Season 16 (2022)Priyanka (Expected)Shiv (Expected)

The Winner in Bigg Boss Hindi Season 1 house contestant will get Huge Prize Money and some gifts

Rumors are surrounding that Prize money for the upcoming season 16 will be more compared to the previous seasons. But Bigg Boss 16 Hindi Makers haven’t confirmed anywhere about these speculations.

Bigg Boss Hindi TRP Ratings

Bigg Boss Hindi is creating records with the Highest TRP ratings among all reality shows in different languages. From all the editions of Bigg Boss shows, The Bigg Boss Hindi Season 4 Hosted by Nagarjuna has recorded the Highest in 2020. 

The Premiere Episode of Naagarujuna of Season 5 was viewed by 40 percent of the Hyderabad population. It recorded a 20.6 TRP Rating which is 20 percent higher than the previous Season 3. 

Every Seasons TRP rating is Higher than the previous one. First Big Boss Hindi Season 1 hosted by Junior NTR received a rating of 14.13 rating. Actor Nani’s Season 2 recorded a 15.05 rating and Season 3 hoster by Nagarjuna touched 18.29 which is highest than the previous 2 seasons. Likewise, the season 4 rating was highest again. 

This Bigg Boss Hindi Season 16 TRP Ratings were pathetic, at 8.86 TVR. Netizens claimed this is due to the India-Pakistan Match. The craze for Bigg Boss is increasing day by day, but due to 24/7 online Hotstar streaming, the show is getting a little boring. 

Bigg Boss Hindi Inspired by Big Brother

Bigg Boss is the Craziest reality show in Hindi. In almost all languages this Show has gained Popularity. This Show is Copied from the Dutch Series Big Brother reality show. This Reality show again was inspired by George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-four. Guest stay in one house as housemates and are Monitored by cameras. Every week one candidate will be eliminated. The one who remains last will win the show with Prize money. Now this “Big brother” dutch series Started airing in 1999 and in 2019 it completed 448 seasons successfully.  

In India, it first started as Big Boss with Bollywood celebrities in 2006 and now it completed around 42 seasons in 7 versions of Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Bengali, Hindi, Malayalam, and Marathi.

Bigg Boss Hindi Frequently Asked Questions ?

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